Adelle sabages Jalang'o
Adelle sabages Jalang'o
Adelle Onyango is an angry lass! She let fly at Jalang'o after he posted what he thought to be an innocuous post but he literally got eviscerated!

On a chilly July afternoon, Jalang'o decided to go to and post a comment on Adelle's IG page -she was talking about her new open podcast session at K1 called PursePective.

Forgetting that he had earlier in the year made some comments that had rubbed her the wrong way about Ivy Wangeci's murder, Jalas as he is also known jumped right into the fray congratulating Adelle.

Why did she tackle him so hard? Well, I am glad you asked. Check out the link below for the full story:

And to make matters worse, Jalang'o made it seem like she had extended the olive branch to him and even invited him for the latest episode of the podcast.