Kiss FM has another new member added to the family, Cate Rira.

She has been in the media industry for a while now as both a radio presenter and a TV host.

As from July, she is the new host of the Saturday show, Urban Africa.

had an exclusive interview with her in which she talked about a lot of her personal life including plans to have cosmetic surgery to keep her appearance intact.

I will consider botox cosmetic surgery because I want to maintain my young look. Expect a maintained Cate even in the future. My African mother also likes botox because it helps to hide wrinkles

Cosmetic surgery has become such a rampant practice in Africa. It has its positive side effects and negative ones too.

As it has been highlighted in the many stories of the famous girls who have gone under the knife for positive results like Caitlyn Jenner. While others like Kanye West's mother lost her life the day after the surgery.

If it is done right, the chances of having any complications are low. I  mean most of the faces we see in Hollywood have undergone cosmetic surgery so do you Cate.