Vera Sidika is top of the list when it comes to the celebs who've had the nastiest breakup stories.

Her relationship with Otile Brown was such goals for so many of us millennial singles until they broke up. They flooded our social media feed with nasty vibes which made us think twice about jumping into a relationship.

Vera is back again serving us goals with her very yummy Tanzanian boyfriend, Jimmy Chansa, who is a doctor by the way and guys are already looking forward to a dramatic breakup.

She has a message for you negative energy creators, that dramatic break up will not happen.

so keep waiting for the breakup drama that will never come

Vera even has a certain glow these days and she gives credit to the peace and happiness her man is giving her. She even confessed she is deeply in love with him.

The two are in that honeymoon phase, inseparable. 24/7 they are seen together he even accompanies her to her parlour and just chills with her as she goes about her business, eat together, sleep together. From showering him with love to calling him sweet names, this man is driving Sidika crazy.

In this Nairobi cold, I wouldn't mind having myself a Jimmy.