Is Willy Paul a gospel artiste or not? The jury as far as he is concerned has been hung for a while on their verdict of the matter but let's be honest, absolutely no one considers Willy Paul a gospel artiste.

Don't get me wrong, he makes nice music but no one can really claim he is a gospel act in the traditional sense of the word unless you consider yelling afew random "Jesus" words in your lyrics gospel.

Willy Paul has actually become a lightning rod for criticism the older heads have for their young gospel artistes and congregants. Any time the spiritual singers and choirmasters want to criticize music created by the younger generation, they automatically attack Willy Paul.

While speaking to Willis Raburu he was asked about whether or not he still considers himself a gospel artiste and this was his response:

Who says I quit gospel for secular? What God has put in me is beyond talent.

I am a creative artiste, one day I could wake up and record a love song, the other a worship song.

At the end of the day the same God who blesses Wizkid and Davido (secular artistes) is the same who blesses gospel artistes.