I kid you not! Willy Paul has a new song called Lamba Nyonyo. Seriously homie I can't make this shit up!

Willy Paul, Kenya's most controversial artiste -whether we are discussing gospel or secular music, Willy Paul who went on national TV to talk about the fact that he is a gospel artiste has released a song called Lamba Nyonyo.

Lemme just say that I can see so many triggered Christians fighting to contain their contempt and anger at this very moment but we are here to discuss whether or not it is a good song.

The instrumental was produced by Teddy B and starts with a repeated hook that is quite catchy (earworm) of Willy Paul repeatedly asking whether or not "utalamba nyonyo?" before he starts rapping and he is actually quite good at it. he raps about inviting several lasses over but it is only he and his one pal who will be inundated with all the female attention.

Fam, the song is lit! You seriously have to check it out.