Otile Brown at his store
Otile Brown at his store
You don't invest when things start cooling down, you invest when things are still hot. And Otile Brown is doing exactly that.

Otile Brown who has been solidly booked all year long (we are only in the 8th month at the moment) has been minting money off his songs and he even attempted to start a talent management company slash record stable for artistes.

His first act, Jovial was signed for all of a glorious two weeks before they decided to part company even after it was reported that he had procured a car for her.

But that screw up of a situation has done little to dampen his thirst for business and he is now launching shore stores around the nation.

He recently opened up a store in Mombasa and from here on up, things are definitely looking up. Let us take our hats off and clap for him: