Timmy Tdat is back! It's not like he had ever left but I just like when he makes music in this mould. He has released the audio of his latest track Were and I can safely say I see this as the next big track.

And as always, while the track produced by Vicky Pondis is a banger of a jam, it doesn't exactly have the most thought-provoking lyrics with the hook going,

Usiguse ulipogusa nitasusu

And I must confess this is actually one of the more memorable parts of the song. One of those moments when your brain tries to inject some logic to what you're hearing and your feet and waist overrule them because the song is just that much of a vibe.

I guarantee that when it finally catches on, this will be one of the songs that send everyone on the dancefloor into a frenzy. Check it out for yourself below: