J Blessing and Chantelle were the "it" couple for quite a while. She was a young, talented, beautiful lass and he was a youngish handsome, and talented videographer and music video producer.

When Chantelle burst onto the entertainment scene, it was through her own merit, having one of the hottest songs of the time, Toklezea which featured legendary Kenyan rapper Abbas Kubaf. It was only as the dust settled around the hype her song had kicked up that we learnt she was in a relationship with J Blessing.

But as with all things under the sun, the relationship came to an end. Chantelle cheated on J Blessing with a businessman with whom she was spotted at a popular nightclub.

For a while, J Blessing was understandably hurt and it found a way to leak out to the surface despite his bravest efforts to keep the matter sealed:

The pair have however since buried the hatchet and are now co-parenting because we spoke to him and he revealed that what happened was all water under the bridge.

So you shouldnae be surprised when you see them sitting down to have some coffee together. He wishes her nothing but the best in life and she wishes him success in his endeavours.