Beautiful and talented are two words that clearly refer to Lillian Muli. The lass whose relationship has been the stuff of legends with a whirlwind romance and a crashing end that all played out publicly seems to have picked herself up, dusted herself off and decided to move on with her life.

Lillian Muli who accused Jared Nevaton of being a community husband before telling me she had never left the man -I guess it was just a tiff like any other- decided to share some snaps of her cooking.

I must say that if Jared Nevaton eats like this whenever he visits Lillian Muli and their son Liam, mans is living the life! Because this is a completely healthy and delicious meal.

And rather than talking about her cooking how about I show it to you instead? Check it out below:

And that caption?

Mke Nyumbani 🤗

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