Diamond Platnumz cover
Diamond Platnumz cover
One Africa Music Fest. That is the event that will bring Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize, his former friend and signee together for the first time for a concert.

I only just realized this as I scoured the internets for a story to tell and saw the following:


And I rememered that even Diamond had mentioned that he would be at the same event for a performance on the 24th of August 2019:


What Kiss 100 is wondering is whether or not this is a good idea as the last time Diamond was on stage he took a swipe at Harmonize. And incase you do not know how to tell depth in a photo, Harmonize is not a small man. Should he be insulted and he decides to go in for retribution, the concert team will struggle to stop a fight from going down.

Anyway, not you know.