Kamati ya Watu wa Roho Chafu chairwoman Zari Hassan has decided to address a question everyone has about her two youngest children and their father, Diamond Platnumz.

She recently went on IG Live and while live, she was asked about her children and their relationship with their father Diamond.

Her responses are usually just the stuff of legends but today she was going to surpass that already high bar she has set for herself. Some random Tanzanian fan came out asking for her children, ideally, this means she wanted her children to be returned to Mondi (Diamond in TZ) and Zari ran with alot of expletives.

I guess it is understandable why such a topic would be a touchy one to the mother of 5 and as with all mothers, she showed up to defend her children against internet trolls and my word, I wouldnae ever want to be on the receiving end of one of Zari's tirades.

Check out what happened when Zari blew up at her fan below: