Bahati seems to be adopting the character of one Mike Sonko. Rating out peoples' dirty secrets.

His baby mama, Diana Marua has seen there is money in the YouTube world and decided to open her own channel I am sure we will be seeing endorsements coming through soon.

Yes, it also left me eye and mouth wide open. How do you just rat out a friend like that?

Diana innocently just laughed and said no it is not him. J Blessing has severally been termed, father Abraham.

Remember the day he took a picture with Kamene Goro and guys were so quick to warn her to stay away from him because she can easily carry his baby?

J Blessing is a father of two children. He lost a baby with his ex-wife, Chantell and he has been rumored to father Avrils baby boy.

Do we call a man like him a player really? Maybe he just has a heart full of love.