Is Prezzo a cuckold? That is the question on everyone's lips after Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu revealed she is still together with the Kenyan rapper.

The reason for this question is the fact that she has had some high profile and very public affairs, one of which culminated in several uhm... Let us just call them amateur blue movies surfaced.

And when conventional wisdom would advise that she maintains sharrap, she is simply running her mouth revealing her personal information. She came out to address her haters and naysayers like myself about whether or not she is in a relationship with Prezzo and would you believe it that this lass still believes she's still in a relationship with Prezzo?

She made a rather simple statement on the matter saying:

Mara oooh mtaachana tu #atuachani hater mpoo sipendi kukitembeza #hater jipange