Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones is not in a good mood.

One thing that we must understand is the OG, as he calls himself, must be respected. He must be respected as a father, a husband and an international artiste.

Angel who is either a die-hard fan or is just a woman in love got the worst of Khali. She commented on a post he put up dissing Sauti Sol -we'll get to that soon- asking for his 'hand in marriage'

She is desperately looking for a man to and love and be loved by because where she lives, there are no serious men.

Naitwa Angel Jordan ni mtanzania naishi Canada natamani nipate mwanaume mkweli tuishi wote huku maana wengi huku si waaminifu. Kuhusu Visa tutayapanga. Plz uwe serious. (My name is Angela Jordan I am Tanzaniana but I libve in Canada. I would like to meet a true and serious man whom we can live with because most guys here are not faithful. About a Visa, we shall arrange. Please be  serious)

Manz is 'married' with his first child and he is very happy then this temptation is coming his way. He had one of those 'not today satan' kind of days and he called her out.

 matako wewe toka apa. (You a** get out of here)

Black men do not cheat for sure. Power to Khaligraoh for his faithfulness.

The post that started all this drama was a dedication to the 'boy band', Sauti Sol was a bit too bitter. They have been having what we call constructive beef on who has a better body than the other. A team of four against one rapper.

Khali posted a picture looking like he is anticipating for something and captioned,

@[email protected] @bienaimesolTunaonyeshana Abs when? Set date, am almost ready. The OG shall be respected #respecttheogs#mrinternational

Bien responded telling him to calm down because they already have abs.

 Hahahahaha Bro uko almost ready? Sisi tuko na abs!!!!!

Their competitor seems to think they have nothing close to abs. Just ribs.

 zenu ni zile za Kukonda, Rib cage na Diaphragm imetoka tu nje, si ya tizi

If you follow both artistes, you will notice they have been spending a bit more time in the gym. Seems like a hot video is coming up. Bien mentioned to us in that their next project will be bigger than 'Nishike'. Remember the song? In case you do not, here you go,