Sauti Sol are those men most women want to be theirs.

I wouldn't mind having a man who sings to me every morning then he adds an instrument in the mix. A man we will travel the world with. A man who can dance on me when I am in a low mood. Please refer to the video below of Bien exciting his wife.

In an interview with Tanzania's interview master, Lil Ommy, Savara a member of the band declared he is looking for a babe from the 255.

I am saying this right now that I am in a big fix and I am looking for a Tanzanian wife. If I get, I will be so happy, but if I don't, ni sawa pia.

Funny how we thought Savara would be the next one to go on one knee and propose to Yvonne Endo. They were rumoured to be dating after being spotted in various places together looking a bit too cosy.

More to this, they had very cute love emoji comments exchange on their various posts. Clearly that relationship is over.

So before he goes all the way to Tanzania, can somebody approach him. We can't afford to lose all that.