Kairetu 1
Kairetu 1
The Konshens concert that happened had its fair share of drama.

Let us start with Barack Jacuzzi having a very loud altercation with a lady by the name Kairetu, who is said to be his ex-girlfriend.

Backstage she was very loud claiming she has carried three of his children yet he is acting like he does not know her. Things got heated, they even started fighting outside and we can see a video of the two on the floor. Barack pushes a security guard off of her and he tries to run but Kairetu is hanging on to his legs.

We called Barack for a comment on the issue just to find out if he Kairetu is his ex and what he had to say about the pregnancy allegations.

He said,

it wasn't me. It was my look alike. That is a dude who looks like me. Everyone is calling me telling me they've seen a video of me. That ain't me its a dude who looks like me.

Could Barack's look-alike please stand up!

Other than that, Ticket Sasa staff had a night to remember. Everything was going on so well until 11 pm when a crowd just forced themselves into the event and came in flipping tables at the ticketing desk and even managed to drop the security check machines.

In as much as Pascal's security company is well trained, the crowd was too much for them to handle at that time.

The crowd of over 100 people caused a stampede and left a few injured but made their way inside the event eventually all for Konshens.

Aside from the drama, all the performances killed it. From Nvirri who was the first one to Konshens. Energy levels were 100%. Men enjoyed the event more because the stage was full of women who twereked their heart away.