Andrew Kibe has never been shy to give his story with the many women he has interacted with in any way.

Today in the morning show on  with Kamene and Kibe, he gave a story on why he thinks caretakers are the worst people in Nairobi.

Kamene Goro laughed throughout the story because it was a total embarrassment for her dear 'husband'.

the worst people in the city who have brought more headaches in this Nairobi more than anybody else are people called caretakers. Forget politician. Those guys are like the devil's hands. You guy I've come with a shawty from tao, fine ting, peng ting you guy I've upgraded I knew this was the night. I knew this was a sure bet I was even dancing in the taxi- I had no car then

When a man brings a girl home, trust me he wants everything to be 100. That is the time the house smells like lavender. But this was not as expected for Kibe.

when I just get to the house I guza water. I am thinking what is going on? It's like there is a leak somewhere. I say it is not a problem. So I get in and find this guy has cut off the water to my house meaning he cut off the electricity before.

It gets worse, 

I fika with the chic with some food and there is no water or electricity. Imagine trying to explain this with to the shawty. Kumbe it is just small problems like delaying to pay rent.  I told that caretaker if I ever meet him there will be furniture moving around.

From that day, Kibe has no love for caretakers. He missed a chance to prove himself as the man he had been saying he was all through the taxi ride.