Multimedia University students on Monday morning protested against reckless driving by motorists on Magadi Road that claimed the life of one of their own.

This story does not make Kamene and Kibe happy. In fact, it brings back dark memories for Kamene Goro whe she was arrested by nine male cops.

I have been in jail for 23 hrs. I have never seen something like this. They came nine cops to arrest one person.

The story got her 'husband' so mad he projected his anger just asking why is it that policeman are so brutal.

it is like a mindless force that has been sent somewhere without thinking. Like robots who have been sent out in command to just beat up people.

Kamene and Kibe's show is all about truths and today all they want is for the police force to just have some form of humanity.

I do not know what happens during training because cops lose their minds and lose humanity. they went to MMU and of course, Students must demonstrate because there is an issue and they lost one of their own. Why are we stopping them from their rights?

I mean we could just talk it though it does not have to be violent

The students were protesting the death of their colleague who was one of the four passengers killed in the Lang’ata Road carnage.

According to the morning Kiss hosts, the cops would have been calm because the demonstration was peaceful until the police were called to 'restore order'.