Lulu Diva has for the last month been tied to Diamond with rumours swirling about the fact that she is Diamond's lover and even was at Tanasha Donna's baby shower where she reportedly caused so much drama.

But what most have forgotten is the fact that Lulu Diva is reportedly with Jaguar and she even went on holiday to Dubai with the Kenyan artiste/ politician.

And on several occasions, she has spoken about her bae Jaguar and expressed her love for the Kenyan MP so it really did come as a shock when gossip tied her to Diamond Platnmuz bed.

She was taken to task about the rumours in a recent interview and what she said was:

It is okay for people to say all manner of stuff. The most important thing is your reaction, the way you react to say false news will determine how people will perceive the whole thing. I always keep off rumors and unfounded reports because I know I did not do anything, as long as my heart is at peace, people can say and do whatever they want. A lot of scandals popped up recently but because I am innocent, they did not bother me.

My lover is not famous. I’m 19 and I will get married when I am 25 years old. The man I’m dating now is my first lover. We’ve dated for less than a year and we’re so much in love.

I’m not pregnant. If my tummy big it is because of fast foods. If I get pregnant everyone will know.

As for the nature of her relationship with Jaguar, she said,

He is my crush and I am his too. I love him just the way he is.