Betty Bayo left her husband and man, Pastor Kanyari after he was the subject of national ridicule following an expose carried out by John Allan Namu and Mohamed Ali on their investigative show, Jicho Pevu.

Betty Bayo couldnae take the shame of being associated with the man many Kenyans were accusing of being a charlatan and mocking on the internets and in the public discourse she packed her bags and left.

And she left a wealthy man behind to go and start her life anew.

Pastor Kanyari has since moved on and he has a new woman with whom he is sharing his journey in this thing called life and we at Kiss 100 have soome photos of the lady who replaced Betty Bayo and you can have a gander at her below:

And she gave some rather pleasantly surprisingly good advice saying,

Have a relationship that is mature enough to sit down and be like ...look this is our problem and this is how we're gonna fix it.