Harmonize promoting Rayvanny's new single
Harmonize promoting Rayvanny's new single
Harmonize got married over the weekend and you can have a look and see just how the ceremony went down below:

But while he is still busy sharing and promoting his former colleagues work on social media as you can see below from his Instastories, they have chosen to not only ignore his wedding ceremony but any mention of it:

And the silence from WCB signed acts Mbosso, Rayvanny, LavaLava, Queen Darleen and Romy Jones is biting! They have gone from friends and brothers and sisters -in essence, a family, to completely ignoring Harmonize who was Diamond's favourite artiste while he was still in good terms with WCB.

Not a peep from Rayvanny, on the other hand, congratulating Harmonize on his wedding, not a pee from Lava Lava who was keen to follow in Harmonize footsteps:

Not a peep from Mbosso either. Absolutely no one cared to celebrate his happy day. Clearly this is a relationship they do not feel is worth jeopardizing their standing at WCB over.