Khaligraph Jones has raised his voice to announce that he believes that Kibra resident "need to do the right thing and vote for Octopizzo" in the upcoming Kibra by-elections.

He took to his social media account and he feels that given just how much Octopizzo has done to represent Kibra in the entertainment scene, literally carrying it on his back singlehandedly, Kibra residents need to show their appreciation by voting for an artiste who grew up in the slum and managed to make it out.


KIBRA PEOPLE MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE, He has been Reppin Kibera Number Nane to the Fullest, Vote pizzo de King 👌, Pizzo De 

It is even more interesting that he photoshopped a campaign poster for Octopizzo who will be vying on a Kany ticket. I am still unsure whether or not this is a troll move by the rapper who made a career for himself by dissing Octopizzo.