Yesterday afternoon had Ethic Entertainment fans on twitter worried that they have lost a member of the group, Seska.

Ethic Entertainment which is made up of four lads namely, Seska, Reckless, Swat and Zilla have lost a close friend and a few of the members took to social media to send out a condolence message.  Seska was not present.

This caused an uproar on Twitter because people assumed they were talking about Seska's death.

We sought clarification from their new record label AI Records and one Eve clarified and said,

seska is very much okay. they lost a friend to the group and when they shot the video sending out their condolence message Seska was not there and that is why the rumors started. it is just a miscommunication. Unfortunatley we can disclose on who they lost for now

We can relax Ethic is still a complete group and are gearing up to drop a heavy tune.