Ephy Saint and Chantelle are now on the same page -that is a clean slate.

Last we checked they had a lot going on between them. Chantelle accused him of being a deadbeat dad and a violent man when they were in a relationship.

Ephy was not also part of the growth of their child but of late we have seen a few pictures of him and his gorgeous daughter which shows he is spending time with her.

After all the drama, Ephy humbled himself and apologized but especially to his daughter who was innocently caught up in the drama.

Summer Ella Wamuyu Mururu. I am sorry you had to be dragged into this social media experiment. Apparently, they changed your name but I will call you by the name I gave you… 

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This time he is sending a message to Chantelle and thanking her for the blessing that is his daughter. He has another daughter with another lady whom he also thanked for the blessing.

My Toiz make the best Models. They have contributed alot to those 10000 hours and we are almost there , i am still a student but they be master players👌🏼🌪 bless the women that channeled of their souls into this universe.

Clearly things between the two seem to be going on just fine because Chantelle went for a photoshoot with her daughter and the whole shoot was directed and shot by Ephy.

The talented photographer is rumoured to be dating Brenda Wairimu and they have been displaying heir affection all over social media.