We as Instagram in-laws have been waiting for the birth of Diamond and Tanasha's baby the Kenya-Tanzanian prince.

Today we woke up to a baby's face that Tanzanian's are claiming he is Tanasha's newborn. Well, he has been born but that is not him.

She actually refuted the claims saying,

hey y'all hope all is well. Thought I should set the record straight that this os not my child

Diamond, on the other hand, has confirmed that he is here. The one we have been waiting for. He posted a video that read,

uliyemgoja kaja

Fans on his page were excited for the family and the news

Godmother: Tanasha tayar kajifunguaa

Moha: Mashaallah🙏🙏🙏

Betty: The baby is here

Grip: Hongera Simba kwa kupata mtoto hongera Tanasha(Congratulations on the birth of your child)

Sophia: Young lion kaja🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Peter: Itakuwa mtoto hongera simbaa

Where there is smoke there is fire. Tanzanian's usually have what we call real rumours so Diamond and Tanasha show us his face already.

We are still set to get details on where she gave birth and the estimation of the hospital bill and whether it was a normal birth or C- Section. Kiss100 will give you all the tea soon.