You just can't help but feel for Mbosso. The WCB signee's baby mama, a lady by the name Martha died after succumbing to a short illness. the young artiste is understandably distraught.

He was interviewed by Bongo5 and in the video, right off the bat, you can see that the young man is struggling with the new which caught him offguard. he had just recently spoken to her as they share a child together and she seemed to be hale and hearty.

The young man speaks in a shaky voice doubtless unsure about how to go about life in days to come as he is now the primary guardian of the young child.

How do you go about picking up from so significant a loss? And how do you explain to your child that their mother has transitioned to glory? Our deepest condolences here at Kiss 100 go out to Mbosso.

Watch the interview of which I speak below:

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