Ethic 1
Ethic 1

The much anticipated single ‘Chapa Chapa’ by Ethic is out now. The single follows 'Figa', which in its own right was and is still a monster hit.

'Figa' was pulled out from YouTube by A.I Records (a subsidiary of Universal Music Group) based on the principles and standards the company holds after news broke that the beat was not theirs originally.

According to a close source, the group was given a beat by a producer who said Ethic would be the best fit for the beat. After the song hit the waves even internationally, they were surprised to find out it was a stolen beat.

That did not stop the very talented group from doing the most. They have now released 'Chapa Chapa' that is already promising.

The quartet compromising of SWAT (Mtoto Wa Eunice), ZILLA, SESKA and The hook maker REKLESS have been a household name across East Africa thanks to their jaw-dropping club bangers since they broke out into the music scene in May 2018 with the Country’s Anthem Lamba Lolo.

Chapa Chapa is no different, only that Ethic has grown in stature as artists redefining the Kenyan Music scene. Simply put 'Chapa Chapa' is a proper party anthem.

From their humble beginnings in Umoja Estate in Nairobi City, the four talented youngsters sought out music as an escape and through their mutual love for music, Ethic was born.

That would significantly change the Kenyan music scene, as every teenager and youth, readily accepted and associated with their tune.

Everything Ethic Entertainment touched lyrically, seamlessly turned to gold. Lamba Lolo, though an extremely Low budget song, was arguably the biggest song in Kenya in 2018.

The stage was set and the big question was, “Was Ethic Entertainment going to be a one-hit-wonder?” The answer was simply no.

They followed up Lamba Lolo with Saba, Instagram, Position which featured the more seasoned artists Kansol and then Pandana.

Kenya to the world. Ethic opened up for other young artiste sin groups to come out and give nothing but huge club banger tracks.