Wondering why Rihanna is on your top trends since yesterday? Well the internet thinks she is pregnant.

So a video of her on stage during the 'Diamond Ball' event is trending on social media and shows what appears to be a rounded belly.

The business mogul has been on the low with not so much of her projects out in the public. In fact last week so many guys were asking her for an album. I mean we miss her music.

Especially after she gained some tight weigh in the right places and now she is the curvy, rich woman we all want to be.

During the Diamond Ball event, she had an interview with Essence and she spoke about 'giving birth',

I am a black woman who came from a black woman who came from a black woman and i will give birth to a black woman...

Twitter has gone wild wondering how you sleep and wake up to news Rihanna is pregnant. The memes on her pregnancy are just too lit especially the one's Drake and Chris Brown's face sobbing over the news.

Now the big question is who is the father of the 'baby'?

She was last dating one Hassan Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel. He is a Saudi businessman and Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Saudi Arabia operations of the family-owned international conglomerate business Abdul Latif Jameel.

Here is video and picture evidence she is 'pregnant':