A certain boy from Consolata has gotten parents so angry. Kenyans on social media are wondering what in the world is happening to children in our society and Kamene wondered if she is ready to raise a child in this society.

He used a lot of vulgar language threatening a certain girl in the school who went out calling him gay and he was not happy about this at all. So he went on IG Live and addressed the girl and it was not received very well on social media.

Today on The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Kibe, it was all about trying to figure out what is going on in our society?

Kamene was in disbelief she actually advised that people should stop giving birth because the generation that is coming up is in serious trouble.

you can not tell me this is okay and turn away from it. I think we should stop giving birth. Not all of us are meant to be parents. Just stop giving birth.

Andrew Kibe, on the other hand, was clear saying things will only get worse. Because the kids of today are doing exactly what they see.

it is only going to get worse. Why are we lying? They are operating the way we do. Monkey see monkey do. Why are we pretending like we do not talk like this? Furthermore, this is a video for his friends and him. Should not be for parents. It was not meant for us.

The Kiss100 duo is basically saying the truth is we were all like that at 13 years, we knew those words but back then we just didn't have the confidence to speak them out of fear.

this boy has no boundary calling people who are less than him irrelevant. We all had the curse words in our mouth. We did not have the confidence to just spit it out.