Unbeknownst to many, Carol Radull has been fighting an ailment even as she celebrated her birthday.

She braved through it all to thank everyone who celebrated her on her birthday and also took the time to appreciate her boyfriend who took the time out of his evening to visit with her and not only comfort her but give her good cheer.

Bramwell Karamoja celebrated his lady love with a lovely cake and the two looked content in each other's company but Carol Radull promised to revenge on him once she gets better:

Thanks for the cake  aka Shindu. When I'm fit as a fiddle; celebration part two, three and four will take place ❤🙏🏼


Alot of the comments on the post celebrated their relationship as you can see below:

Now tell him anunue simu nikuje tupige picha...happy birthday shemko....

Belated birthday wishes 

pona haraka kamum😘😘😘. i hope i will not miss out on part two kuenda mbele lol🙊🙊


Hii celebration will be fire find your corner 😂😂😂

Big Bash loading next week. Oya  tengeneza poster 😂😂