If you still thought Otile Brown and Nabayet's relationship ending was a rumour, then his new song has demystified the rumors because it ended a long time ago.

Now the singer is regretting having hurt the Ethiopian beauty because from the lyrics in his songs, it is clear he is the one who made a mistake.

After the end of his relationship with Vera Sidika, he also released a jam where he gave us details on things we did not know. Including accusations that Vera aborted his child.

He is now in pain after he lost the woman he thought he would marry. And from the song, 'Nabayet' he says he will not play her again.

Mi sio mtu wa mchezo mchezo tena , Nimekua

Baby mi sio mtu wa mchezo mchezo. Sema niku Oe ata leo.

Otile confessed that when he decides to love, he loves hard.

Nimejaliwa moyo wa upendo, Nikipenda napendaga vibaya

This is his second public relationship that has ended publicly and he has taken this opportunity to release yet another song that has gotten him views.

Listen below: