Bridget Achieng's baby is now 8 months old and his mother has been taking care of herself.

She has proved that you don't have to look beat all in the name of taking care of your baby. You can have a glow up and her glow up is real.

Bridget though was broken by the actions of her baby daddy prior to the birth of their child. He left her after finding out she was pregnant and this was not an easy time for her. And even during the birth of Sekani, he wasn't present.

All the drama and stress could have led her to sulk, add weight and even ignore taking care of herself but she took the opposite approach.

Of course, when you are expectant, your weight and physical appearance will change and you’ll look bigger than normal but she has snapped back fast!

Mama Sekani is all glowed up and you can tell from her recent pictures. She has bounced back hard. Look at her: