I think Bahati's reality show should be replaced with Andrew Kibe's because manz life is too interesting

Today's discussion on The Morning Kiss was about psycho girlfriends and the things they do to their innocent boyfriends.

Kibe had a very interesting experience. Kumbe he can be a romantic. So he took his girlfriend out on a date on valentines day but she did not appreciate his good deed.

"I took my girlfriend out on a date on valentines day but used a voucher I won in this very radio station. So when we were in the cab on our way to my place, she started making noise asking me why I did not take her out on a date that I paid for. Instead I used a voucher on her. We got home and she even started hitting me so I spanked her a** so got crazy shouting and when I was asleep she went to pee in my shoes. What kind of psycho is that?" Kibe shared

This story got callers sharing heir experiences. Poor boy child. One guy had an experience just like Kibe's he said,

I have identified with this story. There is a lady who peed in my shoes. I used to live in a single room. She came home and found out I do not have water so she just peed in my shoe

One lady fan called in to defend the actions women do that is being referred to as psycho,

men need these crazy behaviors. sometimes your tying to have a conversation with someone so you have to push yourself a little bit further to seek their attention. A little bit of crazy tu shtua you- chic caller

Another guy's story was sad. He received a thorough beating because of his girlfriend's mistakes.

she was hitting me and it was too much so I slapped her to calm her down and the case turned against me. she started screaming and when the neighbors came in I was beaten so badly by the neighbors

According to Andrew Kibe, it is sad that women will never be punished for their mistakes and the man will receive a harsh punishment over the same mistake a woman will not be charged.

we have decided a woman can never be wrong. why aren't women punished for their mistakes in this country? Most times there is always that one side of the story. 

Kamene Goro does not agree with her 'husband' she says that it is not always the case.