ali kiba defends his mother who has taken ill
ali kiba defends his mother who has taken ill
In an interview with Clouds FM down in TZ, Ali Kiba spoke about his marriage in an attempt to allay fears that his marriage is over.

The often introspective guy who usually prefers to keep his peace and counsel has been compelled to speak after gossip coming out of Tanzania painted himself and his family as a bunch of bullies and trolls who have subjected his wife to mental anguish.

Why would Ali Kiba speak up to defend his mother now you wonder? Well, for starters, because his mother has taken ill due to all the gossip and rumours flying about.

Speaking to Clouds FM, Ali Kiba who was relatively doing just fine during the interview became uncharacteristically emotional when he started talking about his mother:

Mama yangu ndio msuluhishi mkuu ikitokea mimi na mke wangu tuna ugomvi, sijapenda watu waliojaribu kumkosea adabu Mama yangu. Tuwaheshimu Mama zetu, hata mke wangu ni Mama, heshima kwa akina Mama wote.