Ali Kiba has revealed that his wife no longer stays at their mansion no more. This revelation goes a long way to feeding the gossip about his marriage imploding.

Ali Kiba who had come out to refute rumours that he had given his wife talaka tatu which is the customary Islamic way of divorcing a spouse.

He came out to address that and deny the rumour and you can read about it in the link above.

He has however admitted that his wife, Amina Khalef has left the home but not necessarily for the reason you are thinking. According to Ali Kiba, Amina Khalef has moved out to go to work in Mombasa where she has been working all along.

Shemeji yenu yupo, yupo Kazini. Ndoa ina changamoto nyingi sana, sometimes kuna migogoro mnasuluhisha, lakini sifa ya ndoa ni siri na uvumilivu. Unapopewa cheti halafu uende uka-perfom, sio masihara. Waliooa wanaelewa

The only problem with this excuse explanation is that it doesn't explain why she has been complaining about the fact that his house is as packed as a 500/- shilling a night lodging house.