Ali Kiba has addressed the rumours that he was cheating on his wife on top of all the drama that has been reported about his marriage and for once I agree with him on the matter.

Ali Kiba or King Kiba as he is also known as has been busy dispelling rumours about the end of his marriage. The singer did a media run addressing news that he had divorced his wife. You can read about all that jazz here:

And he even had a rather interesting admission that got eyebrows raised and tongues wagged:

However, when it came to the question of other women, he was very categorical and unrepentant in his response. He said that him being a Muslim lad, he is allowed upto 4 wives should the fancy strike him.

He also insisted that his marriage is to be respected because while he can have upto 4 women, the rumours swirling about that he has other women are among the things putting a strain on his marriage.