Octopizzo isn't here to play nice with Khaligraph Jones. While Khaligraph has put the beef behind him, even going on record to say that to him the beef was akin to 50 Cent taking shots at everyone in the industry when he was on his own come-up.

Octopizzo was simply a means to an end for Khaligraph and once he was a certified celebrity all on his own, he didn't need to keep at it with Octopizzo so he dropped the matter.

That is not the same case for Octo. Namba Nane's finest took the beef personally and has refused to let it go. That is why while Khaligraph Jones posts things like this:

Octopizzo is taking shots at Khaligraph Jones upcoming cypher:


And he went to Khaligraph's backyard to do this cypher.