Octopizzo isn't done with taking shots at Khaligraph Jones. After posting a video calling him out for his orchestrated cyphers, Octopizzo has doubled down:

Octopizzo spoke to Word Is and during his conversation, he stated that he is looking to work with an upcoming artiste out of Kayole called Lucci, who was introduced in comedian Kartelo's cypher, who he alluded to believing is the best rapper repping that hood.

That artiste is so lit. I don’t have time to throw shade, I mean I am too busy to think about another man, if I have something to say about an artiste, I tell them to the face. If I don’t like you I don’t, and there is nothing you gonna do. My fans know that I rarely post any artiste until I am impressed with what they are doing. I am not a person who always posts people on my page, and I don’t care what people think about that