Kiss 100's Andrew Kibe remembered one of the saddest time of his life when he was in love but the object of his affection left him for what she considered a better option.

According to his sad story, the girl he loved so much back in the day eloped with someone else after he joined Bible school.

I left her and went to Bible school, only to come back and find Antonina (Tony) and OJ had gotten together. I was in form three and OJ was at the time was the better option

He opened about this during his show with Kamene and Kibe on their Morning show on KissFM.

See at this point the radio presenter guy was trying to get a base so that he can fulfill his dream of being a pastor. This dream did not come to pass because he was "not a good enough liar" to meet the threshold.

Those were my plans but unfortunately I was not good enough and so I left the club of fakeness and started a new life

Kibe said he is no longer interested in that life he says, though he has nothing against any person who seeks to become a pastor.

Now he is one of the few celebrated radio presenters and he fights for the rights of the boychild.