Rumor has it that Tanasha Donna gave birth to her first son and Diamond Platnumz fourth child but she has not confirmed but even going by our math, she is a mother.

Going by Diamond's social media, he has been away on tour in various countries so I doubt he was present during the birth of his son. Though we saw him with Tanasha a week before she gave birth.

The first stages of being a first mum is not easy and the one thing a new mother needs is support. Sadly Diamond is not present but he is making money for the family.

Poor Tanasha because this seems like his cycle with all this baby mama's but hey, they must eat and dress right? At least we saw he bought a few clothes for his son a few weeks ago.

So as Ms. Donna is taking care of baby, a video has surfaced of Diamond kissing and telling a lady he loves her. A lady who is a serious fan. She met him and started crying despite her makeup looking too good but her mascara was not ruined.

She took a picture with him, kissed him on the cheek and the smile on his face was so wide, never seen before then she said I love you and he said he loves her more. Weh!

Watch his meet and greet with his fans below: