Lillian Muli first announced she was in a relationship when word was leaked by the Nairobian.

Lillian Muli didn't deny the fact that she was dating controversial businessman Jared Nevaton even though he was technically still married to an American woman.

Infact, she celebrated the fact and since then, a baby has come out of the union called Liam whom both parents adore to bits.

I will admit that her most recent behaviour has left me alittle worried as she shaved off all her hair and you know what "they" say about women changing their hair.

Anyway, since her haircut, she has taken to wearing weaves and wigs (I genuinely know not the difference).It really is a pity because she truly does look lovely with short hair.

Anyway, she was recently in Mombasa with her bae and friends for a baecation and the photos and videos she shared show a woman who is clearly having the time of her life and she mused as much.

Check out the sights and sounds from her holiday below:

Off for my Babes Birthday weekend...Mombasa mambo vipi?


Nothing like a teasing photo to keep her followers wondering whether that is... or if this is a new guy...

Ofcourse she had to do some thot poses for the gram.

The views from the hotel room were breathtaking.

Lillian Muli was at the Coast for her friend's birthday celebration and they clearly had a blast.