Otile Brown has woken the internet again.

It really has nothing to do with Nabayet this time around she comes secondary. It is all about his ex, Vera Sidika.

She finally turned 30 and she dropped a gorgeous picture of herself in a red dress and red bottom heels to commemorate this special day in her life.

Otile Brown took the same picture and wished her a happy birthday with a very cute caption.

Happiest birthday mbaya wangu . More life , more blessings. #OB #justinlovemusic#wegotnothingbutlove

Clearly she is still the one. He seems to still have strong feelings for her despite their very dramatic and vulgar breakup.

I have always said, when you love someone once, that love will never die down, you will just find someone to love more.

Just when we thought he was trying to fight to rekindle his relationship with Nabi, he throws this. Manz even dedicated a whole song asking Nabayet to come back.

She had denied the proposal. Nabayet said it will take more than a song to get her back and Otile is already failing.

He did not tag her in the post and none of them follow each other but I am sure this news has gotten to her desk though she has not commented.

Happy 30th Vera, the new year already looks eventful.