We finally have a reason as to why Tanasha has not been talking about the birth of her first child.

She had not given birth yet. I was equally surprised by this news because we had sent out news that she is finally a mother to a son with Diamond Platnumz.

Tanasha had even hinted she gave birth in a comment to Huddah saying the baby is waiting forher aunty.

The rumors that have been surfacing around are that Diamond has already made her a single mother.

Via a sreenshot, the truth was exposed that she gave birth yesterday, the same day Diamond was celebrating his birthday.

According to the source, she gave birth to a baby boy who had a little complication but he is doing just fine.

There is not much access to the roombecause she has a lotof bodyguards at Aga Khan who are watching over her.

Sucks that people had already killed the baby saying that is why there is nothing much about him out there. I now understand why Tanasha was so bitter about the nasty comments.

We wish her and the baby quick recovery. It is a blessing he was born on the same day as his father. Can't wait to meet him.