ali kiba's wife's post
ali kiba's wife's post
Ali Kiba and his wife Amina Khalef seem to have mended fences and things are beginning to look up for the couple after Amina Khalef intimated that they had come to terms and it was all love in Ali Kiba's kingdom.

It should be remembered that Ali Kiba and his wife had been having issues for a while that Tanzanian tabloids picked up on and ran with before Ali Kiba stepped up to set the record straight.

Ali Kiba spared no energy in his efforts to dispel the rumours that had hit close to home alleging that his wife Amina Khalef was fed up with their living arrangement that saw her and Ali Kiba share their mansion with the rest of his family and signed artistes to his record label.

But now the couple is singing a different song with Amina Khalef breaking the norm of her behaviour by speaking about her marriage. Taking to her social media, Amina Khalef said the following of her marriage to Ali Kiba:

Sura na baraka zake ndoa ya haki Allah Shahid tunapendana na kulea mtoto wetu. Maneno yao yamegonga mwamba sisi twapendana daima. I love Ali penzi lingali hai sanaaa bby @officialkiba na my son @officialkeyaan