Eric Omondi understands that God blesses you to put you in a position to bless others. And why not bless the people who put you in a position to get money? That is precisely the type of time Eric Omondi is on.

He took to his IG to celebrate the fact that for his birthday, he was going to be giving his Mercedes Benz to his manager. A car that clearly also holds a dear place in Eric Omondi's heart with it being the first luxury car that he could afford to buy and it has served Eric Omondi for 5 years.

This is the message Eric Omondi shared to commemorate the occasion:

Happy birthday bro...I've had this car for the longest time (5 years) it has served me well, I hope it serves you well, take care of her...She was my first love... Drive away, FLY HIGHEST.