Khaligraph Jones is not playing around. He has dropped a gem that every artiste should hear/ read about MCSK and the monies they paid out the last time they did.

Khaligraph Jones has some good advice because at the end of the day artistes have a right to know how the calculations wee done for the money the received, if for nothing else then so they can improve their take home the next time round.

As far as getting paid goes, there have been talks. However, I haven’t attended any meetings. It has even reached the President and they want to straighten this thing. Artistes should not fear to ask questions about their money. I have been in the industry for long and I know how the industry is.

He then spoke as an OG saying, it is their time as already well-established artistes, to ensure they build a platform firm enough for future generations to stand on and thrive.

There are so many artists coming up and the Kenyan industry has changed. I spoke on their behalf so that they don’t go through what I have gone through. I raised this issue to get a solution. These artistes are depending on the music.

When I see the reason for working with them, then I will. These kids are doing well on their own. Right now, everyone is jumping to what they are doing.