Makeup. Women praise it as a game changer, men rue it as witchcraft. Nadia Mukami isn't the first nor the last to use copious amounts of makeup. But at the end of the day, it is her money buying the makeup and her face its being applied to.

Nadia Mukami is not using anyone's money so why do people have an opinion about it? Take this specific guy who wandered into her comment section for instance who did not realize that Nadia Mukami's use of makeup doesn't affect the speed at which the sun will rise in his morning.

The guy sunk deep into his feelings and he decided to take shots at Nadia Mukami telling Nadia that despite her use of copious amounts of makeup, she still looks like Methusellah.

Nadia was not having any disrespect on her posts. She fired back that even his mother looks like Methusellah...