ofweneke's new bae
ofweneke's new bae
Dr Ofweneke and his former Mrs, Niccah (the Queen) had what can only be described as a whirlwind romance which led to them cohabiting with her. Though she came with her own children from a previous relationship, Nicah soon gave birth to two daughters by Ofweneke.

However, their fairy tale wedding was about to come to an end as rumours began to swirl of how Niccah was unfaithful to Ofweneke and soon there were rumours that Ofweneke soon became violent.

The two went there separate ways under what can only be described as an explosive occasion. The next time Ofweneke surfaced, it was a Koroga Festival and he was dead drunk. That was his way of dealing with the heartbreak.

He has largely kept his personal life private for the longest time until now that is. Dr Ofweneke has now shared his bae's visage with the internets and boy, doesn't Ofweneke know how to pick 'em.

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