Weh! Sauti Sol member, producer and all-round badass, Savara Mudigi has taken a broadside swipe at Tanzanian culture and Bongo Flava. Savara recently decided to open up about the issues he perceives in the Tanzanian entertainment scene and his main gripe was the fact that Tanzanians love their gossip.

According to him, this is why Kenyan music as a whole is above Tanzanian music in terms of quality though Tanzanians might have the biggest East African star; .

We have no deep-rooted culture for gossiping here – Kenya. Tanzanian’s cultural behaviors of gossiping and cheap internet play a big role. [Hatuna zile msingi na itikadi za umbeya. Tanzania wana tamaduni za umbeya na hasa kwao internet ni cheap sana] You cannot compare Tanzania with Kenya. There you get a local person with access to affordable internet and many followers on Instagram, you know… Also, Kenya hakuna porojo na kasheshe.