As women are crying, dieting and working out to lose baby fat right after giving birth, that is not on the list of Tanasha Donna's worries.

She apparently gave birth a week ago but some of us seem to have more information that she gave birth two weeks ago. Anyway, that is not the main point here.

The point is that this babe is back in shape like she was never pregnant.

Tanasha Donna shared not one but 2 photos of herself with one featuring her holding up her top to show off the already shed baby weight!

And here we have celebrities who have struggled for the last 10 years to shed their baby fat. My goodness Tanasha needs to bottle up her secret remedy and sell it!

Well, she shared her secret after a fan pleaded for the quick remedy to this 'problem' on the QnA segment on Instagram.

"babe what have you done to your stomach its flat girl please tell me the secret love you amor?" Fan asked

Well, law and behold, the secret is out. Tanasha said,

honestly speaking it all depends on each body type. everyone is different and people have ddifferent genes. Palmers stretch mark lotion helped prevent stretch marks I used it on a daily basis

According to Diamonds third baby mama, it is all in the genes. Don't you wish you had such genes? The struggle out here is real.

But at least you know what to do to avoid stretch marks.

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